The Challenges International Students Face During COVID-19 and How Parents Can Be Supportive (Mandarin session)

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Thursday, March 4, 2021, 4:39 PM

疫情下留学生们正在经历什么?父母该如何支持帮助他们? (中文专场) The first half of the webinar will be led by two experts in the fields of college admission and college counseling who will discuss some of the challenges and uncertainties students have experienced under the pandemic, and how U.S. higher education institutions have responded to these situations in order to better support students and families. The second half of the webinar will feature two experts in the field of mental health, one working at a university and the other working closely with Chinese international students and their families. They will discuss some of the mental health issues s many Chinese students and families have experienced due to communication barriers, quarantine, and anti-Asian racism as well as strategies on how to address these challenges. This webinar will be delivered in Mandarin. Percy Jiang, Co-Director of College Counseling at Keystone Academy, Co-Founder of China Institute of College Admission Counseling Xiaofeng Wan, Associate Dean of Admission, Coordinator of International Recruitment at Amherst College Weiyang Xie, Ph.D, Staff Psychologist, University of Notre Dame,University of Notre Dame, WeChat “WeiyangEdPsy” Yi Yang, Ph.D, Psychologist, WeChat "haizichuguohou," Clinical Committee Director, MGH CCCSEW



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